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What People Are Saying About Us

Let our customers do the talking

Life Saver!

"I don't know what I would do without Jan & her team. I have been in business 10 years and never felt so secure since Jan joined our team. Previously I had such a bad experience with an 'accountant'. I was ripped off for a lot of money and didn't trust anyone. I do not have the knowledge nor the time to do the 'money' thing. Luckily when I met Jan, she realized I needed a lot of help! She has been so graciously to forgive my ignorance and kept me from making very big mistakes. I consider her part of my business family and would recommend her to any and everyone. That is unless she gets to busy for ME. Just kidding. She's the best!"

Angela, July 26, 2017

She is like a trusted member of our staff

"I can't imagine running our busy law practice without Jan's valuable assistance. We have relied on her for almost 20 years and over that time her contribution to our practice has steadily grown. Jan goes beyond keeping track of the endless financial details, and proactively suggests new approaches and systems that enable us to be more efficient. Perhaps most important, we have such peace of mind knowing that we can trust Jan with the most sensitive data and that we can always rely upon her, whether it is after hours and, I have to confess, or in the middle of her vacation."

D&R, July 18, 2017

Jan Haugo is the best there is.

"I have worked with Jan Haugo for 17 years with our small business. I am a tradesman working in the electrical and general contracting field. At the start of our business, I knew nothing about accounting and Quickbooks. From the onset, she helped me set up, maintain, and keep a quality set of books for both my business and personal accounts. I attribute the fact that I am still in business to Jan's help in keeping good books for taxes, audits and job costing. Jan has been a wonderful teacher and a wealth of information. She is very patient and has taken me from a very novice computer and Quickbooks user to a confident and knowledgeable user. Jan explains everything clearly when answering any question I have. Jan is patient and offers suggestions that increase both my Quickbooks knowledge and efficiency. Jan understands my business, my required insurance audits and helps me complete them in a timely fashion with the utmost accuracy. I have learned so much about accounting and Quickbooks from Jan. She is great at seeing problems before they happen. I could not have run my business without her amazing expertise. I highly recommend Jan Haugo. If you have any questions or concerns about Quickbooks and/or accounting, Jan can help you."

Marken Corporation, July 18, 2017

Jan and team are a crucial part of our team

Jan and her team have shown me how incredibly impactful and transformative it can be to have a collaborative partnership with our accountant. Prior to working with Jan and her team, we had various bookkeepers that required way too much of our time to manage and who brought nothing more to the table than the bookkeeping basics. Jan and her team came up the learning curve about our business very rapidly and immediately began adding value by suggesting streamlined business processes and new technologies. Our regularly scheduled calls keep me informed about the finances in real-time (rather than retroactively as with previous bookkeepers) and proactively engaged about planning and budgeting. Jan and team are a crucial part of our team; I’m so grateful for their expertise and dedication. And the cherry on top...they’re just fabulously great, likable people! 

Amy Fredrickson, November 25, 2018

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