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ESignature is a must have in Business Today

Today with the paperless environment that is a must have for any bookkeeper. Working with ICBUSA takes me away from the day to day of bookkeeper. But to keep my hands busy we still use workflow systems that help keep us on track. As more software solutions realize that an open platform is a way to work we will start to see more and more integrations.

Here are two of my favorite products that have integrated ESignature recently right in their applications to make our lives easier.

SmartVault + Right Signature View the deep dive information here:

What I love about this integrated combo is 1- the documents get stored into my secure document management system automatically 2-Capture payment on credit cards securely directly on my documents 3- Helps us stay compliant with the IRS Knowledge Based Authentication forms 8878 & 8879 4- Customers can e-sign right from their mobile devices.

In my workflow this is a win - win - win. I have always loved excel and what bookkeeper doesn't. When I found Smartsheet years ago, I thought I had found Nirvana. So now we have the following integration.

Smartsheet + DocuSign (Smartsheet Labs)

Here are my favorite features of this integration: 1-Send the DocuSign to one or multiple individuals 2-Create a workflow using Smartsheet 3-Store Signed Documents in SmartSheet 4-Re Use the Smartsheet As a template over and over again. 5-You can set up contingencies for multiple signers

The templates save so much time and create an excellent internal process for a company to follow. The system is easy to set up and simpler to streamline.

Always look for new integrations with your favorite applications. If no such alliances exist to make a request so, many more technology companies are always looking for workflow solutions.

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